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  • Diaper Animals and Washcloth Animals Cakes

    Animals and Insects as gifts? Yes! Little diaper animals and washcloths animals are adorable gifts for most any occasion! Party favors? Absolutely!

    Diaper Elephants love $15.95 More Info »

    Mommy Elephant adores her baby in this sweet scene.  Add a baby [...]

    Flower and Snail Baskets $1.95 More Info »

    How can you resist those adorable google eyes gazing up at you [...]

    Diaper Caterpillars $3.95 More Info »

    Meet little single diaper caterpillar before he eats his muffins and grows [...]

    Snails and Butterflies $8.95 More Info »

    Ten little Diaper Butterflies and Washcloth Snails  in a variety of colors.

    lion $4.95 More Info »

    Lions and Tigers and… oh my!  A fiercely sweet little lion lays [...]

    Diaper Elephants love $4.95 More Info »

    What could be cuter than an Elephant made completely out of Diapers?  [...]

    Hungry Catapillar scene $15.95 More Info »

    Diapers, washcloths, child proofing items, and a few odds and ends transform [...]

    Baby Monkey Green $4.95 More Info »

    The Small Diaper Monkey is such a sweet little baby, most especially [...]

    monkey large up $15.95 More Info »

    The (Large) Diaper Monkey is cuddly cute and made to be played [...]